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How does the ticket escalation work in TicketM?

Settings of escalation in TicketM can be done at each area level. In the configuration pages of a selected project in TicketM Configuration website, there is a setting page for escalation. On that page all the areas are listed.

From the list of areas when you select a area it shows the escalation account email address if it is already set. If not set it will appear blank. Now from the drop down that shows email addresses of all the accounts of team members you can select the one that will be the escalation account for the selected area and save. This sets the escalation account for that area. You can also set the number of days after inactivity for a ticket in a state that you want the escalation to take place  for the selected area.

Now onwards if the ticket is idle in a state (without any change of state) for more than specified number of days for the area to which the ticket belongs then it will be automatically escalated. Escalation will mean that the ticket will be automatically reassigned to the escalation account and an email will be sent to that account holder.

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