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A ticket can be created from different user interfaces.

1. From TFS Web Access - Ticket is a work item and like any other work item it can be created from Work Items - New Work Item page of the TFS Web Access.

2. From IDE like Visual Studio or Eclipse - Team Explorer or Team Explorer Everywhere can be used to create Ticket work item. It is also going to be the most often used interface to change assignment and status of ticket.

3. From MS Office components like MS Excel or MS Project - for bulk addition and edits

4. By sending an email to a preconfigured email address - Anyone can send an email to a published address. At a certain periodicity a service will check for new emails received in the Inbox of that email address and convert them to Ticket work items in the HelpDesk team project. A member of support team can have a look at those and copy the required ones to the appropriate team project for action.

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